At our office, we use clinical laboratory services from OralDNA Labs® to ensure we are giving our patients the best oral health information possible. OralDNA Labs® is a specialty [...]


Get GLOing We’re GLO Science™ GLO Science™  and Dr. Renee Trujillo brings together breakthrough science and intuitive design in beauty and oral care. Founder Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, oral health [...]


Mouth guards, also known as sports guards or athletic mouth protectors, are crucial pieces of equipment for any child participating in potentially injurious recreational or sporting activities.  [...]


A comprehensive dental exam will be performed by Dr Trujillo at your initial dental visit.  At regular check-up exams, Dr. Trujillo & her team will include the following: Examination of [...]


A crown (or cap) is a covering that encases the entire tooth surface restoring it to its original shape and size.  A crown protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be restored with [...]