Get GLOing

We’re GLO Science™

GLO Science™  and Dr. Renee Trujillo brings together breakthrough science and intuitive design in beauty and oral care. Founder Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, oral health expert and NYC aesthetic dentist, works with a world-class team of engineers and designers to bring to life game-changing technology for your oral health.

GLO® technology guarantees you the whitest, brightest smile in the dental office and at home. In office treatments are fast. No more impressions or those messy trays. In 32 minutes, your teeth will be whiter and you will be gloing.

It’s time to smile! Put it on, press power and GLO!

Key moments to get your smile GLOing

Looking Younger

The fastest way to look younger is to whiten your smile. Grey and stained teeth will age you. Studies show that whitening can make you look up to 10 years younger.




Special Event

Whether it’s your first day at school, starting a new job, a reunion or a wedding, a whiter smile will boost self confidence and empower you. Smile more and look your best.




Cleaning Appointment

For best results, follow your hygiene appointment with a whitening treatment. Ask about getting a cleaning and whitening at your next appointment.

Patented Technology

G.L.O. Guided Light Optic Technology

The Patented GLO® mouthpiece combines LED light and heat resistors in a closed system, which prevents oxygens from escaping the teeth. With each application the mouthpiece warms up to the optimal temperature to accelerate and activate the process for quicker, more efficient results. Get the optimal whitening results, without the sensitivity.

G-Vial Whitening Gel Delivery System

The patented GLO® Whitening G-Vial has a unique brush tip that allows for a precise application, targeting the teeth. The uniquely formulated gel does not migrate onto the soft tissue and gums, preventing sensitivity. The G-Vial is hermetically sealed, keeping the gel fresh until opened.

Clinically Proven



Fast appointments using patented GLO® technology for the most dramatic results and little to no sensitivity.




Take-Home Device

Professional GLO® technology in the comfort of your own home to use alone or after in-office whitening for ongoing maintenance.




GLO Vials

Just brush on and GLO! The easiest way to whiten on the go. For use on their own or amplify with the GLO device. No strips,